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You can help Your Child In English...FAST with
English POWER... 100% guaranteed!

  • WORLD-FIRST Literacy and Grammar Teaching Program.
  • Full-screen, narrated, animated, teacher-explained lessons.
  • Committed to teaching excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Complete Home Tutorial English learning software.
  • Created by education experts with years of real teaching experience in public & private schools.
  • Committed to the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST QUALITY education at the most affordable price.
  • More than just a game or tutor.
  • Instant Reports and Feedback!
  • Yours to keep for the whole family.
  • Simple to use for all kids & parents!
  • Years 1 to 9.
  • Great for ESL and adults.


Grammar, Spelling, Comprehension, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Punctuation, Style, Text Types, Writing Style, Figurative Language, Common Mistakes, Exams and more!

This program is eligible for the
Australian Federal Government 50% Educational Tax Refund Scheme.

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